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6 Best Beaches In New England To Visit In 2024

Best Beaches In New England

Mountains, lakes, forests, and rocky coastlines might be the first things that pop into your mind when you think of New England. 

Florida, California, and South Carolina are usually more connected to a beach-based environment. Although these best beaches in New England are tempting, you should tell the truth on New England beaches at night–and we’ll show you why!

While it’s not the first spot that pops into your mind, New England beaches have everything you would want from the perfect beach vacation. 

Being less prominent on the typical tourist’s radar means New England Beaches the accurate opportunity. Cleaner, less crowded, and less chaotic is a win-win situation.

Best Beaches in New England

  • Lighthouse Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is for Bostonians like the Hamptons can be in New York, and for many Bostonians, summer hasn’t begun until they’ve made their annual trip to “the Cape”– Cape Cod — or to “the Vineyard.” It is also helpful that every inch of this island is charming.

Lighthouse Beach, overlooking the Edgartown Outer Harbor, is an ideal spot to observe private sailing vessels and yachts arrive at ports. 

With its freshly painted black-and-white exterior, the lighthouse appears as if it came straight from an old postcard.

After enough soaking in the soft sands of the beach, take a leisurely walk for 15 minutes to Atlantic Edgartown, a stylish restaurant with a waterfront view. 

The restaurant has earned a reputation for its creative twist on the surf and turf.

Get the delicious lobster mac and cheese with summer truffles and plenty of claw meat swathed in orecchiette pasta.

  • Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

The crashing of waves against rocky cliffs might be the most famous maritime imagery in Acadia National Park. 

But the state park that is so well-known also has a single sandy beach (it’s known as Sand Beach) that’s swimmable from mid-June to early September. That is if you’re prepared to endure temperatures of 50 degrees. 

The beach measures about two-half football fields and is regularly visited in the middle of the Park Loop Road’s coast section. 

Some of the Park’s excellent trails for hiking start from the beach, such as The Beehive Trail, Great Head Trail, and Ocean Path.

  • Goose Rocks Beach, Maine

 The Tides Beach Club is the only hotel in Kennebunkport near the ocean. It is a highly-loved location for lobster rolls served after the beach and cocktails with water views.

In the town of Kennebunkport (where there is a place where the Bush family vacations), 

The quiet location, which experts consider among New England’s desirable beaches, stretches three miles, meaning there’s no need to fight with other beachgoers when you lay the blanket. 

Look for the barrier reef that guards the beach’s surface in low tide, often called Goose Rocks.

  • Most Scenic Beach

Aquinnah’s Beach is public in stark contrast to the ferry boats that dock in busy summer resorts such as Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven. It is one of the best beaches in New England.

Beach(formerly Moshup Beach) is located in the wild southwest area of Martha’s Vineyard, tucked southeast of the Aquinnah Cliffs. 

The clay layers make up the cliffs, with different shades of vibrant colors based on the sedimentary layer. 

The result is an impressive background of greens, reds, whites, yellows, and reds that are stunning in the evening. 

The last light of the day creates stunning light shows across the rock formations. 

A 10-minute stroll from the parking area at the Aquinnah Lighthouse will take people to the public part of the beach. You can turn right, and you’ll observe these rounded rocks are increasingly jagged when they become taller. 

The shades get darker as you move closer. (Note that climbing the cliffs or removing clay is not allowed. The beach beneath the cliffs is closed and open to the public.

  • Birch Point Beach State Park, Rockland, Maine

The park is located in Penobscot Bay in Owls Head; Birch Point Beach State Park is hidden due to the thick pine forest of the nearby state park that blocks the beach from the view.

It’s possible to spend long hours hiking the trails around. However, it’s worthwhile setting aside a suitable time to take in one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. 

The protected bay means the water remains calm when it’s windy, and the views are gorgeous.

Because Rockland has been one of the locations for the world’s biggest and most famous lobster festival – as it was immortalized in the work of David Foster Wallace in his essay “Consider the Lobster”–ordering an entire lobster roll is a must in this area. 

Whatever restaurant you select, it is essential to remember the two main designs here.

Maine-style lobster rolls, which are chilled and lightly seasoned with mayonnaise, celery, and possibly a few other herbs, remain the most popular, but lobster rolls that are Connecticut-style and are served in a warm bun and topped with butter that has been melted are gaining ground in recent times.

  • Old Orchard Beach – Maine

Suppose you’re searching for a New England beach with all the amenities you need to look at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Old Orchard Beach has a beach community dating from 1883. That’s serious about beach history. 

There must be something happening for them, and that’s 7 miles of sand beaches, including the Old Orchard Beach Pier and the Palace Playland amusement park.

Old Orchard Beach is also located in a convenient and ideal area. 

The beach is situated near the townships of Saco and Biddeford, Maine. If you fly to Portland, Maine, the drive to Old Orchard Beach takes under 30 minutes.

 It’s also relatively easy to fly into major airports like Manchester, New Hampshire, or Boston, Massachusetts.

Final Words

The New England region offers many stunning beaches that are perfect for a getaway in 2024. From the rocky shores of Maine to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, each destination offers its unique charm and beauty. 

Whether you’re looking to relax on the sand, enjoy water sports, or explore coastal towns, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at these top beach destinations

So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and head to one of these six best beaches in New England for an unforgettable seaside escape in 2024.


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