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6 Top Valentine’s Day Destinations 2024

Valentine's Day

Roses are red, and violets are blue. I want to spend Valentine’s Day abroad with you!

Say goodbye to animal-stuffed toys, heart-shaped boxes stuffed with mystery chocolates, piggy bank-breaking bouquets, and the regular Hallmark moments.

This year, make sure you enhance your love and relationship to the highest level by going on an excursion inspired by Valentine’s Day.

February is the ideal month to get away from winter. It is also thought of as being off-season in Europe and this is an extremely affordable and less popular time to go to places

Make Cupid jealous this year!

Locations for Adventure Lovers

  • Costa Rica

Do you wish to spend your Valentine’s Day trip canopy zip in a line, hiking up active volcanoes, trekking through thick, wildlife-rich rainforests, and white-water rafting down mighty rivers?

Are you interested in a horseback ride along the shore, scuba diving with turtles and manta rays, and stand-up paddleboarding through intricate mangrove forests with the person you love most?

These are only a handful of the amazing adventures that are easily accessible throughout Costa Rica!

There are hotels within Costa Rica for every budget. If you are trying to impress your loved one, Costa Rica has places that will surely earn you many bonus points.

  • Trip To The Slopes Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada

Saint-Sauveur is full of the romance of a snow-covered European town but without the long flight times. It’s just an hour’s drive to the north of Montreal.

This ski resort is nestled in the mountains of the Laurentian Mountains. The resort, Sommet Saint-Sauveur, provides snowboarding, skiing, and tubing, along with a substantial flavor of French-Canadian culture.

The combination of winter sports during the day and French food in the evening is a perfect combination for those who are seeking a unique Valentine’s Day.

Choose one of the romantic packages offered by Manoir Saint-Sauveur and enjoy perks like sparkling wines as well as a romantic dinner and an hour-long Swedish massage with two.

  • Italy

Italy is a perfect example of a nation that oozes love and culture.

From Venice, Tuscany, Lake Como, as well as Amalfi Coast, Florence, and Rome, You along with the one you love as Valentine will be surrounded by romantic and beautiful scenery.

The past of architecture and art, as well as wine and food, as well as natural and artificial landscapes, are sure to create the perfect romantic mood.

There’s no shortage of attractions for a couple looking to experience a different culture on the road for a Valentine’s Day vacation.

Enjoy a guided tour around the Vatican Museums, cruise down the Venice canals by valetto, take a look at the Colosseum and eat gelato every day and take pizza to Naples, visit the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (also called by its name, the Florence Cathedral) and bask in the beauty of the Pantheon when you travel to Italy together with your Valentine.

  • Visit for Northern Lights at Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to experience the northern lights of Iceland because there isn’t much sunlight during winter, and it’s a long, azure-strewn night. 

Northern lights are created due to collisions between the sun’s particles as well as the magnetic field of Earth, and these tend to occur often during the vernal equinox in March. This means that Iceland is the ideal destination to take a trip for Valentine’s Day. 

Spend some time in Reykjavik and then travel to Thingvellir National Park. It is a well-known spot to view the lights that is just a few miles from the city.

  • Australia

Where better to travel with your partner than Australia? 

Australia is an immense island that has it all: biodiversity, vineyards and rugged coastlines, thriving cities, and world-class surfing. There are also numerous environments, accommodations, and activities to suit every budget.

There are numerous wine regions in Australia which include regions like the Barossa Valley, Margaret River, Coonawarra, and Yarra Valley. It is convenient since you simply select the area you wish to visit based on other things you’d like to do for your Valentine.

There are species of animals in Australia that are found only in Australia which makes this country a great choice for those who love animals. Wallabies, wombats, and kangaroos platypus, koalas, platypus, and dingoes can only be discovered in Australia.

  • Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

The natural hot springs of Arizona are said to have health benefits ranging from alleviating stress to pain relief and they’re romantic, too. Castle Hot Springs was established in the 1890s in the time it was a popular choice among the titans of American industry. 

You can enjoy archery, ATVs, and the most fearless, the most intense high-altitude bridge, as well as a Via Ferrata climbing course. or just relax in the bath with your honey or whatever you like!

Last Thoughts

What’s more romantic than red roses, chocolates, and a meal at a cheesy restaurant where tons of couples are also enjoying Valentine’s Day?

A Valentine’s Day adventure with the one who is your love!

Each of the twelve Valentine’s Day travel destinations is certain to elevate you, your Valentine’s Day, and your relationship to the next level.  Choose Amour as your booking agent. Give us all your travel hassle to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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