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7 Best Cruise Lines For Families 2024

Best Cruise Lines For Families

Finding a cruise appropriate for all family members can be challenging. If you seek peace, your children will likely be eager to get involved. To help you select the best cruise lines for families requirements we will give you information.

We ranked the accurate cruise options for families using the method that factored in reviews of health, popularity among experts, and popularity among families with younger and older children.

Best Cruise Lines For Families

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian welcomes families with vibrant cruise ships, plenty of amenities on board, and kid’s clubs. 

While adults relax at the spa or play at the casino, children can participate in supervised youth activities where they can be taught to dance, play with crafting, or attend themed events. 

Additionally, menus for children are available at every restaurant in the chain, as well as specialty restaurants.

Explore the world with MSC Cruises

Make the final week of summer vacation memorable by taking a week-long cruise onboard MSC Cruises’ glitzy MSC World Europa in the Mediterranean.

MSC World Europa is a fantastic choice for families. It features the eleven-deck Venom Drop dry slide, dodgems, ice skating, diverse theaters, Lego-themed children’s clubs, arcades, and a luxurious adult spa. 

The itinerary is also perfect, with stops in Genoa to visit Portofino, Naples, Messina, Sicily, Valletta, and Barcelona.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

In partnership with National Geographic, Lindblad Expeditions organizes family-friendly trips to places such as The Galapagos and Alaska.

It takes its small ships to places that big cruise lines aren’t allowed to go and then moves to smaller Zodiac inflatables. To bring parents and children closer to the exotic wildlife glaciers, icebergs, and other natural marvels. 

The cross-country skiing experience in Antarctica, visiting sea lion colonies, and spotting bears and bald eagles are just a few of the excursions guided by a guide that gives you a sense of pride back home.

Holland America Line

The ultimate experience on Holland America Line’s medium-sized cruise ships features programs for children ages 3-17. 

These include treasure hunts with pirates for young ones, theme-themed events for teens, and teens-friendly events like poker and gaming tournaments. 

Family-friendly excursions include kayaking and whale watching to glaciers, zip-lining, or encounters with penguins and green monkeys.

Explore the Splendors of  Egypt by joining Uniworld

If you want to spend time with your children and their parents, consider Uniworld’s Generations Collection program for an enriching 11-night Nile cruise on the River Tosca.

Certain sailings are designed for families with young children. 

Travelers tables in the restaurant on certain evenings, menus for kids, king classes for families, crafting workshops, and children’s film nights. Family hosts dedicated to guests can benefit from the arrangements onboard and on the shore.

Explore ancient sites like The Temple of Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and the massive pyramids. Then, take a trip with your family to Cairo’s world-class Egyptian Museum. 

The luxurious River Tosca offers two restaurants, large suites, and an outdoor pool.

Uniworld’s 11-night Splendors of Egypt and the Nile cruise departs Cairo along the River Tosca on December 23. The cost, including flights, is PS6,399 per person.

Disney Cruise Line, Disney Wish

Disney Wish is a four-seater ship a little less than a year older. It is as well-known as ever because of its wide entertainment options that entertain youngsters. 

Children will not just meet their favorite cartoon characters but also those in Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar films. But also experience their dreams by eating in a restaurant with the Frozen’s Elsa, Olaf, and many more over a spectacular dinner. 

The accurate aspect of the cruise line is the crew is well-trained to handle hungry children or those who have food allergies and keep the process as easy as possible. 

As many parents realize, this is invaluable. Furthermore, three-night trips are the ideal length for short getaways.

Princess Cruises, Sapphire Princess

Although Princess Cruises offers routes through the Caribbean, Europe, and more, its Alaskan trips are the line’s crown jewel. 

The Seven-Day Jeffrey Corwin’s Nature & Adventure Voyage on Sapphire Princess offers a fun-filled trip from Vancouver to diverse locations in Alaska and concludes at Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska. 

Children aged three to 12 can participate in Camp Discovery, which is full of science-based activities that are part of the Discovery Channel’s program lineup, including MythBusters and Shark Week. Children of all ages can join their respective areas (The Treehouse for children ages 3-7, The Lodge for children ages 8 to 12, and The Beach House for children ages 13-17) to chat with friends.

Families with children can also participate in Animal Planet-sponsored shore excursions or get together under the stars to watch movies on the large screen. With so many things to do, large families will be busy learning new things daily.

Last Thoughts On Best Cruise Lines For Families

The best cruise lines for families are an excellent option due to the ease of eating activities, accommodations, and activities that accommodate a variety of age groups all in one location. 

Depending on the kind of cruise you take, family members can explore diverse countries on a single vacation. Many cabins have rooms with bunk beds that allow families to live together. 

Certain cruise lines provide free kid fares and other discounts for kids throughout the year, meaning you can find plenty when you cruise.

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