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All You Need To Know About Amazon Cruise

Amazon Cruise

An Amazon cruise is on the bucket list of many people who love nature and wildlife. Explore through the Amazon and its numerous tributaries close on purpose-built small vessels and riverboats. Contact us for advice from an expert and a no-cost quote for your Amazon cruise.

Select from the accurate choice available Peru Amazon River cruises from Iquitos and Manaus and Lower Amazon cruises through Brazil departing from Manaus and the upper Amazon cruises to Ecuador in the Napo River. Amazon small-ship cruises are limited to 8-43 passengers, providing intimate and intimate encounters. Amazon River cruise itineraries are generally between 4 and 8 days long.

Do you have a clue where to start? Check out some of the excellent Amazon cruise options below. Our experts know all Amazon riverboats and can help you select the best cruise to suit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Aqua Nera Amazon River Cruise

Explore three mighty Amazon tributaries, including three rivers: Maranon, Ucayali, and Pacaya Rivers, aboard the Aqua Nera Amazon River Boat. The thrilling hiking, fishing with piranhas, and skiff trips are excellent ways to discover the Amazon jungle. Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon

Journey to the heart of the Brazilian Amazon aboard the 18-guest Tucano to the remote wilderness and the uninhabited areas within the Rio Negro. On this fascinating and real Amazon small-ship cruise, you can go through the Central Amazon Conservation Complex.

Amatista Amazon Cruise

Take a nine-day cruise on the Amatista boat with 28 guests to the heart of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. Meet with a local community and shaman, and then explore the area on foot and by boat, looking for wildlife alongside knowledgeable naturalist guides.

Amazon River Cruise – Peru, Brazil Or Ecuador?

Peru Amazon cruises departing from Iquitos are among the most popular and go well with a trip up to Machu Picchu. 

The Amazon cruise through Brazil that starts in Manaus is ideal for those looking to travel along the middle of the Amazon River without seeing much human settlement. 

Ecuador’s Amazon cruises are usually paired with trips to the Galapagos Islands and visits to Yasuni National Park along the upper Amazon River and its tributaries. 

Luxury Amazon River Cruises

Elegant, luxurious Amazon river cruises boast five-star cuisine, excellent dining service, and the highest ratio of guests to crew with top-rated guides. The luxurious Amazon riverboats cruise comfortably, featuring the highest-quality spas, floor-to-ceiling windows, and air-conditioned areas. 

This Delfin III Amazon luxury cruise in Peru is a famous Relais & Chateaux association member. The new 32-guest Aria was the first luxury cruise launched on Amazon cruises to Peru. The 40-guest Anakonda provides Ecuador’s only five-star luxurious Amazon river cruise.

Best Time To Cruise The Amazon River

The high-water period lasts from November to May and includes 60 to 180 inches of rainfall. This rain season allows for exploring smaller boats and access to the jungle via water. 

The low-water season runs from June to October, with 30 to 100 inches of rainfall. The dry season, known as less rainy, can permit more hikes. 

While it is possible to see more in the high-water seasons, it usually rains daily in the low-water season. At the close of the rainy seasons, June and May is an excellent time to travel along the Amazon River.

How Long Should You Cruise the Amazon River?

Specialized Amazon cruises can last anywhere between two and ten days. The length of your cruise will depend on the time you’ll need to travel, what you want to see, your passion for wildlife, and your ability to tolerate heat and humidity.

3 to 4 nights Three to four nights is a suitable time to understand the area, with lots of wildlife viewing and other excursions like village tours or hikes through the jungle. Combining a brief Amazon tour with a visit to destinations like Rio de Janeiro or Machu Picchu is possible. 

Bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and those who want to explore the area fully should consider staying for the entire week (or longer).

Be aware that many seven-night cruises combine two shorter itineraries, which means certain activities may overlap between the two parts of your cruise. 

This is a great choice if you are a fan of these cruises (or should you decide to skip one in favor of unwinding in your cabin with no guilt). However, some travelers may find it monotonous.

Final Thoughts

Many luxury cruise ships incorporate cruises on the Amazon cruise as part of more extensive itineraries, ranging from two weeks to two months. 

They include other destinations like Antarctica, the South American coast, and the Caribbean. If you think the Amazon is a crucial element of your journey, carefully review the itinerary to determine how long the vessel will spend in the Amazon River region. Contact Vacation Amour today!


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