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Top 5 Best South American Cruises 2024

South American Cruises

South America is spread thousands of miles, extending from the tropics to the sub-Antarctic. The variety of experiences it provides is as diverse as the place itself. If you choose to set sail from here, you can sail around Cape Horn, snap photos of wildlife native to the region, or take in the atmosphere of melting-pot cities like Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Below are the best South American cruises to get off to a good start.

Princess Cruises

Watch couples showcase their tango moves with a zing in Buenos Aires before wandering around the gothic Recoleta Cemetery — the final resting place for Eva Peron. 

Princess offers itineraries between Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, and San Antonio, the gateway to the bustling Chilean town established in Santiago and the wine region of Chile, allowing plenty of time to discover the two towns. 

This line also offers one-of-a-kind cruises that run for one month and cover the entire South American coastline.

Silversea –  Best South American Cruises

Around 600 miles from the Ecuadorian coastline, the remote Galapagos Islands inspired Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and contain species found only in this region, including the massive Galapagos tortoise. 

Discover them all and additional amenities on Silversea’s newest expedition vessel, Silver Origin, a luxurious vessel. The Silver Origin is the only Galapagos ship that resembles the style of the line’s larger ocean vessels, and all Silversea enthusiasts will instantly feel at home on this Silver Origin’s 100-guest sister.

Aqua Expeditions

The upscale line, renowned for its unique itineraries, was the first cruise line to cruise along the Peruvian section of the Amazon River. 

It combines luxury cruises with sustainable travel. All new vessels are constructed using environmentally friendly materials. The most recent member of this fleet of ships introduced the 40-passenger Aqua Nera, the second vessel in the Amazon with an eye-catching design inspired by the river’s black-water lagoons. Reserve a cabin, and each day, you’ll be able to find nature guides who guide small-group tours of the most biodiverse rainforest. 

The theme will continue to the ship with a menu based around Amazonian products developed by an elite Peruvian chef.

G Adventures

Peru is where the Amazon th, the largest river in terms of volume, begins to flow. In addition, it’s a country in which the Amazon rainforest comprises 60% of the country, so it’s an excellent place for wildlife exploration. 

G Adventures 28-passenger Amatista provides remote river cruises, with morning and evening cruises to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to see wildlife and birds. You can expect to meet chattering monkeys, pink river dolphins, bats, and sloths within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. 

There are also village walks where you can meet a practicing shaman and the people who rely on the natural resources of the rainforest and river to sustain their lives.


Over 500 years ago, the Portuguese explorationist Ferdinand Magellan discovered his namesake Strait after walking through an inaccessible corridor of frozen cliffs that spanned Patagonia across the Atlantic and the Pacific. You can now follow the footsteps of Magellan with Australis, the only expedition cruise line to travel this route across the Chilean Fjords, two 200-passenger vessels. 

Weather permitting, you can land on Cape Horn and voyage between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia. It’s also a cruise with green touches: Australis helps scientists with research in remote regions by collecting water samples daily and conducting surveys in some of the more remote locations on Earth.


Why Should I Take A Cruise To South America?

Traveling to South America in 2024, similar to those provided through MSC and Celebrity, will allow you to visit one of the more stunning and diverse nations, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru destinations. 

A cruise trip to South America takes you to numerous cultures and sights on a single voyage, ranging from the natural wonders of the Amazon rainforest to historical cities like Buenos Aires and Santiago. There are also tours from Florida to South America from Florida, which allows you to begin your journey right at your home.

Where Can I Find Low-Cost Travel Packages That Go To South America?

Cheaply made cruises to South America can be made as long in advance as possible and arranged according to price. If you can reserve a South American cruise in 2025, you will likely get the cheapest prices. 

It is possible to find the best South American cruise deals simply by entering the desired features and the dates and times of departure. You can then filter results by price. Payoff according to price.

What Are The Desirable Locations To Visit On A Cruise Trip To South America?

A cruise across South America offers the chance to explore many of the famous destinations on Earth, including the lively nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro, the enthralling food culture and the historic Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, and more. 

The best South American cruises might lead you along the Amazon River or explore the Rio de la Plata delta.

What’s Included With The South American Cruise?

Best South American cruises come with almost everything you’ll need. There is a room for you to stay in during your voyage, as well as food, drinks, and activities aboard the vessel. Specific excursions and activities are priced additional, as is alcohol if you want to drink any. This is why the cruise route through South America is very cost-effective for those looking to cut costs for their trip.


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