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Best Place To Visit In Alaska For First Time 2024

Visit In Alaska

If you’re trying to figure out the best destination to visit within Alaska to experience it for the very first time or introduce your first-time visitor to Alaska, get ready for an experience unlike any other. 

The vast landscapes of Alaska and its fascinating culture will leave you speechless.

From the riverboat to visiting an Athabascan village to get a glimpse into the indigenous culture and take in the breathtaking nature that is Denali National Park, these are only a few of the highlights that new visitors can anticipate. 

When planning your trip, expect to be stunned by the enthralling beauty of the state.

Popular Destinations You Should Visit

  • Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska, is one of the most popular destinations because it lies at the foot of Chugach State Park and is the biggest city in Alaska. Because it’s a metropolitan area, it also has many amazing places to learn more about the state’s indigenous heritage.

  • Seward

Seward is located on the shores of The Kenai Peninsula; Seward is an important port city that has amazing views. When your cruise ship comes into port, you’ll be enveloped by a dazzling green mountain covered in snow. Once you arrive in Seward, you’ll find plenty of options for dining and activities that everybody will enjoy.

  • Mendenhall Glacier & Mendenhall Lake

One of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Alaska for those just beginning their adventure, without doubt, the best can be Mendenhall Glacier and Mendenhall Lake.

The point of intersection between the lake and glacier, located in Mendenhall Valley, inside the Tongass National Forest, is accessible in downtown Juneau since the glacier is just 20 minutes away to the northwest of Juneau.

Begin your journey by visiting the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center on the shores to the southwest of this famous Alaskan lake. Take a moment to marvel at the stunning view of this huge ice structure that slowly melts into the lake.

It is also possible to spot wildlife within the region, including bears and eagles, or learn about the science behind glaciology at the visitor’s center, where you can learn more about the factors that make the ecosystem work.

Guided tours (by Amour) can bring you closer to the huge flowing ice field, allowing you to take in the beauty of the ice field firsthand.

  • North Pole

It is not in any way to be confused with the geographical North Pole, the northernmost place on the planet; the small Alaskan city of the North Pole is one of the most distinctive tourist destinations. 

The town is situated about 15 miles east of Fairbanks; the North Pole keeps the Christmas spirit in full swing all year. Streets are named festively and have names such as Kris Kringle Drive and Mistletoe Lane as well as the renowned Santa Claus House provides ornaments and gifts that are themed to Christmas, including a sweet shop, a pen from a reindeer and the Letters from Santa program. 

While there, visit the nearby Chena Lake Recreation Area, which has sandy beaches, camping areas, fishing areas, nature trails, and much more.

  • Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park, situated on the Kenai Peninsula in southern Alaska, is an exceptional ecosystem bursting with fjords, glaciers, and a rugged coastline.

It is among the most beautiful places to visit in Alaska. This is also the site of the Harding Icefield, which is the most extensive in the United States and feeds glaciers that flow toward the sea.

Within Kenai Fjords National Park, you can take trails to see the impressive fjords and lofty glaciers. You will also be able to see various marine life, such as seals, dolphins, orcas, and humpback whales, and then take in the amazing glacier patterns.

Apart from boat excursions, you can also go paddling in Alaska for even more chances to see glaciers and wildlife, allowing you to interact intimately with the wildlife in the park and its pristine habitats.

  • Valdez

The town is located at the entry point of a fjord within Prince William Sound; This coastal town is famous for its many winter activities. 

With an average snowfall of over 300 inches, Valdez provides a fantastic location for cross-country skiing, riding fat bikes, and snowboarding. If you’re not able to explore Valdez’s glaciers nearby, including those accessible to Worthington Glacier, consider learning about the history of the town in Valdez Museum & Historical Archive. Valdez Museum & Historical Archive. 

Visit in February for Valdez’s Ice Climbing Festival. Valdez Ice Climbing Festival, or visit in August, a Gold Rush Days festival lights up the town with dance, a wine walk, and an annual parade.


Alaska provides a wide array of stunning destinations for those who have never been before, each with its distinctive attraction and natural splendor. 

Whether you’re searching for stunning glaciers, abundant animals, or breathtaking landscapes, Alaska has it all. From the breathtaking Denali National Park to the beautiful Kenai Fjords, there’s no lack of memorable experiences to be experienced.

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Through experience in creating custom itineraries and delivering unbeatable customer service, Amour guarantees that each experience you have will be nothing less than extraordinary. 

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