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The Most Beautiful European Countries for a Honeymoon


The honeymoon is when you spend there with your best friend, partner, and lover, and it’s the best opportunity to go on a trip. 

If you pick one of the beautiful European destinations, you will discover that you’ve decided to be an ideal partner for the rest of your lives. 

It’s a moment that establishes the standard for your wedding. It is a chance to discover the excitement of exploring an entirely new, foreign country with the person you love most.

European Adventures

Honeymooning in Europe can make a lot of sense when seen from the viewpoint of a young couple; however, it’s also ideal for older couples.

 If you are a couple about to embark on their first venture into marital love, Europe has some truly breathtaking sights. With a rich history for every stone in the region, it’s the perfect destination for tourists. 

These aren’t the only reasons why Europe should make an appearance on your honeymoon list.

Our Top European Countries for an Autumn Honeymoon

We’ve compiled an overview of our most popular destinations for the perfect European wedding in the autumn. 

Whatever country you pick, be assured that you’ll have the best time of your life.


September is the time to begin the fall season in Switzerland, lasting until mid-November. 

The fresh air in the countryside transforms the forest into fiery colors, and the leaves start to fall. You can go to the Swiss Alps and experience the fairy-tale beauty of Switzerland during the fall season in October. 

The views are from Lake Geneva – a World Heritage Site. The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces make for the most romantic place to visit. It is also the time of the annual grape harvest festival in the nation, which can be messy but fun. 

Wedaways offers a variety of unique hotels to select from. They are located in breathtaking locations.


Croatia is adequate for the last few swims in September and October. 

Still, it becomes considerably cooler as the months are possible to explore the Croatian island along with Croatia’s Istrian and the Dalmatian coasts at this time of year. 

Dubrovnik is beautiful to explore throughout the year, and Wedawys suggests Villa Dubrovnik for the perfect romantic vacation. 

Croatia has incredible national parks and intriguing towns such as Zagreb and Split. 

Fantastic festivals to attend together within Croatia comprise Croatia’s Istria Truffle Days in November, the Chestnut Festival at Lovran, and Croatia’s Zagreb Film Festival.


France declares the autumn season in September. The months of September and October are the quietest times for France. The colors of French autumn are red, orange, and rust. 

They are warm enough to snuggle in a blanket as you watch leaves fall from the trees, but warm enough to explore. Explore Paris, Parc Monceau, Jardin du Luxembourg, or Parc de Saint-Cloud this season to get the most out of the European autumn honeymoon. 

France also has harvest celebrations during the same time, which means lots of wine. Wedaways has a broad selection of partner properties throughout France. 

These properties span across Paris to the French Alps, from the Loire Valley to Normandy and beyond, from the gorgeous field of lavender in Provence and Normandy to the French Riviera, and even the medieval town of Strasbourg.


The fall season in Italy starts in September and October when temperatures decrease at night. However, the hot summer climate is present throughout the daytime. 

Northern regions of Italy will have cooler temperatures than those in the south. Events such as the White Truffle Festival in Alba and the CioccolaTO in Turin are events that you and your partner should not be missing. 

Wedaways has an extensive collection of villas and hotels that they suggest across Italy. 

No matter which region you select, we’ll assist you in enjoying the perfect Italian romantic getaway.


The months of late October and November are considered fall months in Spain. It is a good idea that you visit cities such as Seville and Cordoba during this time of year. 

The day is ideal for exploring the city, while evenings can be spent drinking beverages or eating delicious food. 

Certain regions in Spain are prone to rain at this time of year, so it is essential to plan your trip accordingly. Go to Catalonia, Murcia, and the Balearic Islands for unbelievable views and experiences. 

We recommend staying in Barcelona, Madrid, and Marbella on your travels. Also, consider an excursion to Menorca, the Spanish Menorca island. Menorca.

Last Thoughts

You may be looking for an unwinding beach vacation, a cultural city break, or a mix of both; Europe has plenty of choices for romantic destinations for honeymooners. 

From the beautiful canals and canals that line Amsterdam to the stunning coastline of Amalfi, these destinations offer the ideal backdrop for your romantic getaway. 

So, pack your bags and begin planning your dream wedding today with Amour!


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