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Top Wedding Destination in Europe 2024

Wedding Destination

Weddings at destination venues can be energetic and fun or have a laid-back, calming vibe that many couples would like their guests to experience. 

There are many options when selecting the ideal location. Deciding between these gorgeously sunny and beautiful wedding venues can be challenging, particularly when you’re from another continent.

So, let’s jump right in and find my top picks for the best places for weddings abroad in Europe.

Europe Wedding Destinations

  • Amazing Italian Scenery For Wedding

A very well-known wedding venue among couples in Italy is Tuscany. Tuscany wedding venues are sure to give the WOW factor. Many wedding couples prefer the mix of an Italian wedding at the beach and the stunning vineyards and rolling countryside the wedding in Italy can offer.

One of the reasons Tuscany is a popular wedding spot among Brits is the thought of a rustic, traditional Italian wedding that could be held in an area of a gorgeous villa that is just one hour from the most sought-after beaches and even one day away from taking some photos of your wedding in Rome.

It’s an excellent idea for couples getting married to enjoy time with their family and friends, having cocktails, having pool parties with delicious Italian food, and seeing the gorgeous scenery. All of it adds up to a memorable wedding.

  • Paris Destination Wedding

When you consider Paris to be known as the City of Love, there’s no more romantic spot to hold your ceremony in France. Plenty of stunning wedding venues exist, including the lovely garden at Parc of Bagatelle and the luxurious halls at The Ritz Paris. 

With its enviable site, you can continue your celebrations straight into your honeymoon once your wedding day is over. 

Explore the Parisian sidewalks with a fresh baguette, visit top-of-the-line museums and Michelin-starred restaurants, and take an intimate cruise with your newlyweds along the Seine River. 

After that, adventure into nearby towns like Champagne and the Loire Valley.

  • Malta

Villa Bologna”Recently, Malta has become an increasingly sought-after destination for weddings, and with great reason. 

With its gorgeous Mediterranean climate, breathtaking landscapes, and stunning architecture, Couples are spoiled by the variety of stunning backdrops available to create a truly unique wedding.

In addition to its natural beauty, Malta offers a wide selection of reception and ceremony possibilities for weddings and receptions. There is a vast collection of luxurious 5-star hotels, each with distinct character, and old castles like the 9th century Castello Zamitello, located in a tranquil rural setting with gorgeous gardens and breathtaking views. 

Romantic villas like the sophisticated Villa Bologna, which is ideal for couples who enjoy the idea of a casual romantic or garden wedding, and also unique beach locations such as The Hola Beach Club, which is hip, simple, and modern and is perfect for you need to enjoy a laid back wedding on the beach.

One of the best benefits of being married in Malta is that people from all over the world can legally marry, and there is no requirement to be a resident. 

Furthermore, it is a gay-friendly wedding country. In addition, because English and Maltese are two official languages, the wedding ceremony must be conducted in English.”

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh provides a majestic backdrop for a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. 

Exchange vows in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, surrounded by the rich history of Scotland and the lush landscapes of the Scottish countryside.

  • Destination Wedding Locations in Croatia

Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect destination wedding spot in Europe that isn’t as popular as France or Italy. 

Suggest a destination wedding in Croatia for a location that combines cuisine, culture, and architecture. 

Consider wedding locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most well-known tourist destination. It is known as”the “pearl of the Adriatic,” or Hvar, one of the most sun-soaked towns in Croatia and is situated in the town’s harbor. 

If you’re planning your wedding destination in Croatia, you should consider a date in Croatia’s “shoulder” seasons: May to June and September-October. Although summer is the most popular for travel in Croatia, you can get cheaper rates and more accommodation during the off-season. 

If you’re okay with the hustle, summer weddings in Croatia will be a part of festivals and the chance to go on beach excursions, among others.

  • Barcelona, Spain

With its modernist architecture and vibrant streets, Barcelona infuses a touch of cosmopolitan chic into your special day. 

The Spanish city invites you to celebrate amidst historical wonders, lively markets, and the warm embrace of Mediterranean charm.

Last Thoughts

Choosing the right wedding destination is crucial to turning your dreams into reality. Whether it’s the sun-kissed beaches of Santorini, the rolling hills of Tuscany, or the historic charm of Edinburgh, Europe has something for every romantic.

Ready to turn your wedding dreams into plans? 

Contact Amour, your trusted travel partner, to curate the perfect European wedding experience. Let us take care of the details while you create memories that last a lifetime.


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