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10 Most Romantic Things to Do During Europe Trip 2024

Romantic Things

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and couples are looking for romantic ways to celebrate their loved ones.

Love is beautiful, and being able to celebrate it with your partner is a wonderful thing.

Europe is a beautiful continent, full of charm and warmth.

If you want to have a romantic adventure in Europe with your partner, you can celebrate your love by doing fun, romantic things.

Amalfi Coast: A Stroll Around 

Driving the Almi coat will be one of your most romantic European experiences if you’re a road-tripper couple. You will be on a romantic drive, one of the most beautiful drives in the world and one listed as Unesco heritage.

Paragliding in France

It is not for the timid. Only adventure thrill seekers and couples may paraglide at Dune du Pyla. Not everyone wants to be able to fly in the air like a bird, many meters above the ground.

But those willing to take on the challenge will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the incredible landscape. This is one of the most rewarding and adventurous things couples on a romantic European vacation can experience.

Wine Tasting In Valencia 

Valencia, Spain, is an excellent place for wine lovers constantly seeking to discover new wine types. You’ll get tipsy after tasting the many gallons of wine you can find. 

A hot air balloon ride through the vineyards will make your romantic experience more memorable.

Paraglide At Dune Du Pyla In Gironde In France

Paragliding is not for the timid. This is only for couples who are adventurous thrill-seekers. Swing through the air at thousands of meters. You will be rewarded with scenic views and a bird’s-eye view of the fantastic dunes landscape.

Adventure is something that every couple should try on their romantic getaway. 

Glide over the Dune du Pyla, a landscape 2,500 m long and about 500 m wide, to enjoy the best views of both the highest and largest dune. You can paraglide with your bae in Gironde, France, for about 20 minutes.

Find the Northern Lights

Couples travel to Iceland, Norway, and elsewhere to catch the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights are dazzling and can be seen from a variety of locations in Europe.

While on Iceland holidays and tours, you can learn more about the mysterious event and observe the cosmos behind the colorful lights.

Watch a sunset in Santorini, Greece

If you’ve ever wanted to see a spectacular sunset, Santorini is a great place to go.

Sunsets are never better with a view like this.

The crowds will not make your experience less romantic. Instead, they will encourage you to continue to visit Oia to share love stories and enjoy the stunning sunsets that overlook the Greek Island.

Swim In The Geothermal Sea At Blue Lagoon Iceland

It’s easy to understand why this is on many travelers’ bucket lists.

 It’s not every day that you can dip into the warm water of the sea, which averages 39 °C all year round. You can also enjoy a glass or two of wine with your partner.

This moment is worth at least a thousand dollars or a hundred million kisses.

Spending a romantic day in a spa on a geothermal beach is ideal for couples who don’t enjoy outdoor activities or want to spend time together.

Love Heart Bridge, Warsaw, Poland—lock your love away!

This little gem of the Love Heart Bridge brings out the fire in lovers.

The presence of 3 hearts on the bridge makes most couples fall for it. At night, the shimmering lights make the bridge even more magical.

Like the Lovelock Bridge (the Pont des Arts), a couple locks padlocks in Paris to the Love Heart Bridge before throwing the keys into the river. This symbolizes a promise of enduring love.

It’s one of Europe’s most free romantic activities.

Add to this a trip to the nearby Wilanow Palace.

Visit Neuschwanstein Castle In Bavaria

There isn’t a girl alive who doesn’t want to feel like a princess or even be one.

While it may be challenging to become the fairytale princess a girl dreams of being, you can still experience the feeling by visiting Neuschwanstein, the fairytale castle in Germany.

This castle, located in Bavaria at the top of a hill, is a beautiful combination of architecture, landscapes, and Hohenschwangau.

You can learn about the history of this castle and its “fairytale king” if your couple loves history.

Staying in an Irish Castle

Romance depends not on where you go but on what you see when you get there. 

For us, there’s nothing more romantic than staying at a charming Irish castle. Arriving at an old stone castle, you cross the threshold to the dark wood-paneled lobby. 

The open fireplace is lit by a bright turf fire, which casts playful shadows in the room. As you sit on a couch oversized enough for two, a friendly innkeeper greets you with piping hot tea and bids you ‘welcome. You then settle into your private room with a fireplace and four-poster beds. That’s romance!

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